Case study: Daily Mirror

Mobile first development of interactives to help complement individual articles that appeared across different sections of

Interactives, charts, quizzes et al: JavaScript; HTML; CSS; Canvas

What we did:

Working with different journalists and designers across a number of the Mirror's digital sections we helped create fun, engaging or interactive content to complement individual articles and pieces.

We produced a whole array of work, serious and fun, including picture sliders, date counters, interactive graphs and charts, data look-up tools, covering everything from constituency look-ups and stamp duty calculators to turkey timers and selfie generators.

Working style:

We worked a combination of in-house and remotely in order to hit daily deadlines with the fast pace of running a 'digital daily' being matched.

Most javascript was written as self-contained code, avoiding clashes with existing Mirror code and integrating seemlessly with their e-scenic content management system.